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Now Foods Royal Jelly 1000 mg Product  - 60  Softgels

Royal Jelly 1000 mg - 60 Softgels

  • 1000 mg Equivalency
  • 14 mg 10-HDA
  • A Dietary Supplement

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  • 1000 mg Equivalency
  • 14 mg 10-HDA
  • A Dietary Supplement

Royal Jelly is a natural source of many nutrients. Royal Jelly is the only food for the Queen Bee, and it enables her to outlive worker bees thirty fold! The Queen Bee is also very fertile, laying up to 2,000 eggs each day throughout her life.

NOW® Royal Jelly delivers the natural nutrient profile found in Genuine Whole Foods.

This Royal Jelly has been freeze-dried to maintain maximum stability and is among the finest products available. 10-HDA (hydroxy-d-decenoic acid) is one of the active, measurable components of Royal Jelly.

Benefits of royal jelly:

It increases physical and mental activity.

 Preventing and delaying skin wrinkles, good for diseases of aging, psychological breakdown of the elderly, and prostatitis.

Treating liver disease.

It is an aperitif for adults and children and works to increase fertility.

Treatment of organic diseases, loss of appetite and diabetes.

A good remedy for poor growth, dry mouth and lips.

Treating anemia and nerve pain.

 Transferred stomatitis, dysentery, many skin diseases, migraines, hair loss, diseases, atherosclerosis, and cholesterol accumulation.

It is a treatment for skin diseases and is useful in wound healing and makes the skin more smooth, flexible and transparent.

Treatment of duodenal ulcers.

It strengthens the immune system.

Resist fatigue.

 Improperly raising mental and memory power

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